How far is Coral Bay Paphos from Larnaca Airport?

From Larnaca International Airport to Coral Bay is 145 Km and the journey will take around 1 hour 45 minutes to reach your destination. The taxi fees are 120 euros single route and includes all charges. There are not direct bus services between Larnaca Airport and Coral Bay Paphos. Cyprusweb-taxi provide transfers from Larnaca Airport to Coral Bay Paphos and return with competitive prices .


Larnaca Airport passengers Coral Bay Paphos

The beach of Coral Bay is located in Pegeia, Paphos. Access is easy on foot, bicycle, bus or car. There is also a bus stop nearby. Hotels and villas with excellent quality accommodation are located there. Also nearby is the zoo for a family visit.


How much is a taxi from Larnaca Airport to Coral Bay Paphos?

Taxis from Larnaca Airport are charged by taximeter plus additional charges for luggage. Remember that after 20:30 a night shift charge is added to your transfer. To avoid any extra charge from taxi drivers there is a manager there to control the taxis. He sets the price before your trip. For example a four person taxi from the Airport to Coral Bay cost €120 one way during day time. After 20:30 it will cost €137. Taxi for six persons will cost €160 daytime and €184 after 20:30. The same trip using Cyprusweb-taxi will cost €120 and €160 fixed day or night.


LARNACA AIRPORTTaxi 4 seatsTaxi 6 seats
Coral Beach Hotel120 EURO160 EURO
Sentido Thalassa Coral Bay120 EURO160 EURO
Corallia Beach Hotel120 EURO160 EURO
Ascos Coral Beach Hotel120 EURO160 EURO
Coral Bay Village120 EURO160 EURO
Aqua Sol Water Park Resort120 EURO160 EURO